advanced energy innovation.

The future of energy awaits. We will power the next 100 years with profitable new technology.
Efficiency ahead: Our mission is to reduce impact and increase results.

About our company

We see energy everywhere. What if seeming liabilities could become major assets?
The problems we are fighting may reveal the solutions we need.

The Zero Waste Future
Nearly 100% of our landfill can become clean fuel. Patented and profitable energy sources.
Slash Energy Demand
We believe 80% of energy spend is wasted. The future belongs to radical efficiency.
Open new pathways
Many obvious energy sources are overlooked. We spend time looking closely.

Key Facts
The Future of Energy

Wondering what innovation looks like? New technology will change everything.
Imagine a world with local power, reduced demand, and zero landfill.

Tires are Fuel
Every waste tire contains 1.3 gallons oil. What if 1 billion gallons of petrol per year were unlocked from landfills? Clean process. No emissions. No waste.
Less Water for More Food
What if we could grow more produce with far less water? Future farms will reduce water use by 80%.
Solid State Energy
What if a solid state battery could last 10 years? Never plug in your phone again. A powerful future is coming soon.
Jet Fuel from Waste
What if we made jet fuel from plastic bottles? We can clean up 21 billion passenger miles (seat miles) per year. Don't miss this flight.
Spending Water
Over 50% of fresh water in the U.S. is lost by steam generation in power plants. What if we could 2x our water supply by 2025?
More Light, Less Heat
Over 90% of energy into lights comes out as heat. This incurs over $100 billion of waste energy per year. Let's deliver the coolest lights you've ever seen.
Like Water from Algae
What if clean water could come from algae? It's 95% more energy efficient. Releases oxygen while making water. A great reason to smile.
Waste Heat to Energy
New technologies will generate power from waste heat. Nuclear heat loss can power the world for 73 years. Feeling the heat? Let's power the world.

Our Team

Our team is built on world-class engineers, proven operators, and seasoned entrepreneurs.
We've driven some $500M in revenue on 6 continents and over 100 countries.
We started, bought, or built a dozen high-growth companies.

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Our key skills: Engineering & Innovation

Our engineering team includes leaders and top performers from General Dynamics, NASA, GE, Tesla, and Nuclear industries.
We cultivate a diverse and growing bench of talented innovators.

Custom Equipment
Chem + Mech
Material Sci

Advisors & Investors

We are guided by advisors who have led dozens of companies to massive scale.
Our advisory board is one of our core assets to execute and achieve rapid growth.

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